SheSoDope was created in 2014 by DJ T.O., also known as, Shejay T.O. as a phrase and hashtag with the intention of highlighting exceptional women and celebrating their success. The phrase began as a way to describe DJ T.O., one of the premier DJs in the south as she gained notoriety by providing stellar DJ services. It is no secret that the DJ and music industry is a male dominated industry so to infiltrate and succeed is exceptional in itself, so #SheSoDope started as a way to share similar stories and successes of the everyday woman. Often times only celebrities and “influencers” are highlighted and celebrated yet is the average woman, the everyday woman, who are making the most strides and accomplishing so much. With 3 nieces, DJ T.O. knew that she didn’t want them growing up idolizing something that may not actually be reality so she became the change she wanted to see and started SheSoDope as a brand, a company, and now a non-profit organization all with the the intention of advocating with and on behalf of young girls and women to empower and educate them in the areas of financial literacy, entrepreneurship, continuing education, and practicing healthy eating and lifestyle choices.  

The SheSoDope brand is dedicated to highlight women who are strong, dedicated, hard-working, loyal, and determined to succeed. For all of the ladies raising young kings and queens, starting a businesses, going to school, climbing corporate ladders, teaching and molding our youth, risking their lives to protect others, and to the ladies who have dedicated their life to

helping or healing others….we appreciate you. SheSoDope was created in hopes of shedding a positive light on the exceptional females that are often times overlooked and not highlighted by mainstream media. The next time you spot one of these exceptional women, let her know that SheSoDope!

SheSoDope has implemented three primary focus areas: SAY! Yes Financial Literacy Project in memory of Ms. Shirley Ann Allen Youmans, Grind Rewind Continuing Education Initiative in memory of Mrs. Betty J. Allen, and the Health to Wealth Lifestyle Program promoting healthy living.